Dragon Helmet

World's first open-source software & hardware collaboration
that aims to create a high tech helmet

The Project

From air pollution to high demand on smart wearable technologies there are many emerging problems for people who live in crowded cities. Very soon we will need to cover our nostrils and mouths with a filter to protect our health against inevitable air pollution. Every day some big company tries to sell a new ugly piece of smart glasses that not even a real candidate to be a suitable solution for our wearable tech demand.

Let's build our modular, free and highly accessible wearable tech in the form of a helmet. We are not compelled to obey the current course of wearable technologies. There is no need to a business to manufacture the end product. Sure the helmet will be manufactured like a computer case with slots in it. But as long as everything is open-sourced, anyone can do it. So at the end of the day you will be able to build your own helmet.

Electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, technicians and even hobbyists, let's come together as an online community and design the mankind's absolute creation. Visit the GitHub repository of the project to contribute.


Join in DragonOS Core team on GitHub & Launchpad and make contributions for software projects.



Dragonfire is the open source virtual assistant project for Ubuntu based Linux distributions. She will serve to the user of the helmet as a command and control interface so that you will be even able to order physical operations just by your voice commands and your eye movements. Dragonfire will be a preinstalled software package on DragonOS Linux Distribution.

DragonOS will be a highly specialized linux distribution for the helmet. It will contain various software packages for controlling the helmet and it will be a unique kind of operating system.

Computer engineers, scientists, programmers and even hobbyists, let's come together as an online community and develop the most powerful software that ever built. Visit the Contributing to Dragonfire page for more detail.


Feel free to being active in our community pages. We believe in freedom of speech and ideas!