Dragon Helmet

World's first open source software and hardware project
for creating a helmet computer.

About The Project

Dragon Helmet is a project that aims to be an augmented reality platform for every human being. In today's world we are addicted to smart phones and our expectations from our smart phones are growing each passing day.

Everyday a new brilliant product being made by big companies in all over the world. But none of them has a free platform or none of them is a complete solution for our need to computer in our daily lives.

As the exact opposite of these products Dragon Helmet promises for a free software and hardware platform and offers a fully computer-aided life.


Join DragonOS Core team on Launchpad and make contributions for software projects.



Dragonfire is an open source virtual assistant project for Linux operating systems especially for Ubuntu based distributions. Dragonfire will be preinstalled software package on DragonOS Linux Distribution.

DragonOS will be a highly specialized linux distribution for Dragon Helmet. It will contain a large-scale command set for driving the helmet and it will have exclusive abilities that you have never seen before.


Feel free to being active in our community pages. We believe in freedom of speech and ideas!